Music IS Creation…frequencies are sounds, geometries, paradigms, thoughts, beliefs, memories and realities.

Music is the source of dreams inspired.  Giving Life to a vibration, literally inspiring it, breathing it awake and alive.

Thoughts are frequencies, memories, traumas, magical times…its all based on frequencies that we give Life to, attention and focus to...  Frequencies of the central nervous system’s firings and wirings, the unique bio-chemistry of each person and the way their muse or music (or energy) moves through them.  The lymph, the endocrine, the multiple brain functions, organs and chemistries, the pulsings of all the  connections, the organic chemistries of sound and matter…
These all create 'songs' that create our realities, inner and outer.

Music, to me is the most powerful force at this level of Creation.  The most powerful being the central source, God, or Love or the Creator, however each of us defines our relationship with our Source.  It is the Core Essence of it all.

It is pure LOVE, the purest of harmonics, purest as well of a level of the void…where all things are created.  Pure potential.  Where impulse gives birthe to sound and sound gives birth to form.  There is so much about our selves and Creation that we have yet to learn!

There is so much more of who we are and what we can do.  And it’s all about changing our music, our tones, our attitudes, perceptions in each new moment, in each new breath.

Being in "Music City" has been interesting.  The "muse" or the inspirations singers, songwriters, musicians, engineers, producers - all those involved in creating and bringing forth music, have to be in touch with this aspect of them selves in order to do their work at an optimal level.  The clearer this pipeline, this creative force is, the clearer and easier it is to bring 'out' their creative works and the more adept one is in being able to access deeper levels of this core essence, the more subtle and masterful their work.  This of course holds true for anyone creating in any form of their Lives.  Be it planting gardens, raising children or creating spreadsheets for commerce.

Keeping our music clear, and not having it so thrown off or defined by other’s dischord or old unconscious vibrations, is a dedication to our own joys, our own abilities to really anchor in the beauty, magic and sheer joy of being what we truly are, under all this other 'stuff' that we have anchored in as ‘real life’.

It’s not always an overnight shift, although that happens too.  One session really does create immense changes that will jump start or amplify the work you are already doing.  There are levels of clarity, new perspectives and abilities, and planes of integration as we continue to work together.  Like in musical octaves, color tones or temperatures…there are definite parameters to the aspects of new healing, inspirations and creations. 

**If you are feeling blocked, drained, numb, road weary, and travel worn, this work will clear so much of that very quickly.  I work with many as they come in off the road or after many business travels to help them regain their sense of balance and integration. 

Many of the deep inner clamps, fears, etc get balanced and a newer level of energy and ability comes forward.  It just does.


Many on this planet are already Living their most sacred dreams…Living passionately the Lives they LOVE.  The ‘challenges’ that come only help them to refine their alignment with their choices and to stay attentive to shift any old ways or beliefs that get triggered along the way. 

For those already doing so much inner work in this way, when a space comes forward that feels appropriate to have another's assistance with, its usually one session that will help them shift.  The shifts are moved through with more ease and the beliefs/memories/lifetime issues creating the more subtle blocks get shifted as well.

Frequencies and songs of Life:

The frequencies of Joy/Divine Love and the frequencies of anger/fear are in two different vibrational positions in our bodies…like fiber optics running all through our systems, some fibers contain memories, some contain dreams…The ones that are vibrating stronger and more true to what they are,  are the songs that get ‘heard’ by the Universe, your life and  subconsciously by people around you.  And the Law of Resonance continues.

Like attracts Like, it just does.  If your unconscious is vibrating something you’re not aware of, it doesn’t matter…its still vibrating.  If you keep having the same experiences over and over again, and don’t understand the reason…its deeper in your psyche, your sound boards, your motherboard
than  you may realize.  Part of our journey is the work of Surfacing those things to bring them to Light and to Balance them out.  This is what is called ‘healing’.  Balancing or harmonizing multiple, sometimes billions of frequencies into one cohesive joy filled dream.

Sounds easy right?


It is…

Music’s frequencies are so subtle.  Our bodies are a musical symphony creating every moment a new song, a new reality.  The subtleties are what make the whole.  The notes create the melodies which create the song that lifts the spirit through all the ventures one encounters daily.

It is now said that the sum of vibrations we hold and carry create our realities.
We know now scientifically that those with certain types of thoughts create realities that are aligned to those thoughts.  Most common ones are “Murphy’s Law”, or “when it rains it pours” and the like.  There are also the thoughts/beliefs that state, “All I desire it brought to me divinely guided and in perfect timing” or “The better it gets, the better it gets!”.
Each of these thoughts and beliefs carry specific tunes or melodies in the body and then create the realities by pure resonance.  'We create what we resonate' is what I often share with others.  This wisdom has been shared through time.

But what does one do when these vibrating ‘songs’ and beliefs and thoughts are unconscious?  How does one harmonize, neutralize or dissipate old buried events, traumas, beliefs formed in a moment in childhood or earlier?
How does one balance the structures in the body that have been altered into discordance by these thoughts, events and beliefs?

Until technology can catch up with the profound abilities of natural healers, we do all we can.  In the meantime, there are many gifted with the sensitivities to assist those who want to clear the air or clear a new slate to begin again.  Those who wish to open up to more of their own natural abilities that have been buried beneath old outdated energies in their systems.

This is what I do.  I was born able to see, hear, sense aspects of people and Life that most do not know exist.  Like a musician who seemingly pulls music ‘out of thin air’ or an artist drawing what they ‘see, feel or perceive’ on an otherwise blank canvas thus making it ‘real’, I can tune in to the most subtle aspects of one’s being to bring harmony where there was dischord, peace where there was unrest and skills to grow where there was once despairing or sense of floundering.  Colors and sounds have shapes, textures and tones to them.  So do the frequencies that make up our bodies, mind, emotions and spirit. To me, these frequencies are just as obvious as a drawing or melody is to other artists.

I’ve studied paths and many ancient ways to advance in the use and impeccable integrity of these gifts all my Life.  It has been the path traveled by few.
The wisdoms and experiences directly gathered can be shared now.  It is time.  There have been many steps to deepening humility, refining skills, and being able to hold the level of energy required for these events to occur.

I do sessions now remotely all over the planet as well as in person in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Yoga,  Ecstatic Postures & Mandalas of Ancient Traditions:

Music and Geometries…the ancients knew this long ago…specific positions, the prayer poses, the mandalas, all create certain and very specific flows of frequencies through the body, and therefore brings one into very specific states of being.  Yogi’s of Long ago also knew that the positions or ‘locks’ one could grow into holding would open up very definite levels of one’s consciousness as soon as one could hold that position. 

There’s nothing like the experience of a ‘pop’ as a new level of awareness opens as a result of being able to hold a specific move long enough for a frequency to be created and an awakening of sleeping wisdoms to occur.  Its ancient and revolutionary at the same time.

Same thing  happens with mandalas...sacred geometric art forms.  Meditating with them long enough with a certain level of openess and asking the Highest Masters to unlock the sacred codes within you that relate to these higher levels of consciousness will also bring that sense of a 'pop'...a new, deeper more expansive level of awareness of the 'all'...very exciting.

Again, there is so much we are capable of and have only really just begun to realize how much more
we can and will be doing.

In the 13 years of shamanic studies and decades of other personal studies, I’ve learned many of the sacred postures.  They are Life-changing in that they begin to anchor in a whole new level of your awareness and thus, your interaction with Life.  The more you do them, the stronger these frequencies become.  Like a well worn path in the forest.  Your relationships with others and all of Creation benefit from the deep clarity and wisdoms that get woken up and applied.  Life becomes an adventure again and there is a new sense of freedom one feels.  Its heart oriented, full and Light.


Presently I work out of Nashville and take small trips to other locations for multiple pre-arranged sessions and/or classes.  My goal or my dream is always to create true balance and harmony from the core music of Love, on every level of one’s being and  in all we do. This opens us each to more of all we are able to receive on every level of our being. 

I was born with innate sensitivities that I’ve come to understand and studied all my Life to master.  I’ve been doing healing sessions in one way or another since I was a child and have now brought all the teachings, initiations, and work together in such a powerful, fun and gentle way to assist in creating wonderful Life changes for those I work with.  “The better it gets, the better it gets.”

I’ve worked with major entertainers as they recorded CD’s so they could make the most of their abilities, their engineers and teams, session players to re-tune and re-balance during & after long recording sessions, budding stars that have gone on to 'claim their fame' and countless others that have benefited from being more in tune with their own spirit and abilities.  On a more everyday level, this work assists those in any Life situation. 


Also those coming off the road have said it decreases the time it takes for them to rebound and get back into their natural rhythms again.  A day or two vs a week, means much more time spent enjoying the ‘downtime’ or free time with those they Love with much more balanced energy.

This work unlocks a deep inner Love, a sense of rightness of being, not from the ego’s version of ‘righteousness’ but more of a feeling like all is fine in your world, and you’re in tune with it.