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As mentioned on the Home page, for as long as I can remember, my journey on this planet has been a spiritual quest.  To understand the underlying fabrics of Life that connects us all and to find ways, deep levels of healing, to balance the inner universes of our being that in turn positively impact all Life on this planet and the 'outer' universe.   

As these journeys unfolded, I received many spiritual initiations and profound inner and outer experiences and revelations and more gifts.  With them, I've come to realize that the underlying aspects of it all is MUSIC.  The Essence of Life in all its Living Consciousness and Wisdom - Music.  The Music of Love, the Music of Joy, the pure frequencies of Unity, Harmony, Balance and Beauty that permeate the very essence of Life everywhere...every fabric of our being and every thing that we create with and from...on every level of our mind, body, spirit and heart. 

The core essence...its like a symphony of sounds and streamings that permeate and lift the very depths of our deepest levels of being.  This essence is more streaming than it is a 'type' of music or a belief system created by humans.  It is what is beneath it all and what weaves it all and Us all together...Total LOVE.

This work spans all cultures, religions and faith-ways because its our deeper selves, our soul's memory of this that calls us 'home'.  Home to Love.  And as I mentioned earlier, the Music of Love that we are created from and wanting to get back to. 

To me, its all about octaves, levels of vibrations, frequencies that make up our consciousness.  Choices and ways of being that define our realities and the realities we choose to give our attention to.  And as most of you know, what you focus on grows.  

Quantum sciences are just now understanding the impulses and where they initiate within us, that create our 'outer' world as well as our unique individual experiences within it.  And the funny thing?  Its all the same.  Microscopic or Macroscopic...its all the same 'stuff', just on different octaves.  We Create.  Its what we do.  Our wisdom path now is learning first, that that is true, and secondly...How to create from Love, in Love and with Love that is as wise as it is balanced, and as True as it is eternal.

This work is profoundly sacred as well as deeply scientific.  There are abilities we have that we can utilize to shift our selves and our world, back to balance, all by harmonizing subtle levels of our being; Connecting with our core essence and living From THAT place in our 'outer' lives.
What a different world that would Create!!

What began as a spiritual quest has now turned into a sacred scientific quest to further understand, experience and bring Light to the ancient deeper aspects that create us, connect us and that heal us.
So, with that, here is my journey...

Birth- Near Death Experience:

I was born able to see other levels of reality within what is called our present ‘reality’. 
At 3 months old, I almost died of intercecception.  Where your intestines split and dump their contents out into your stomach cavity.  My intestines also went up inside them selves and a good part of them had to be cut out so that I could live.  Many say i was a walk-in at this time.

I’ve gone back to that time that at first marked such harsh trauma within my body, and have seen the love, care and concern of the doctors and nurses that helped me Live.  I also know that the anesthesia hadn’t taken effect yet and that I actually felt every bit of the ‘dis-emboweling’, the removal of my inner organs, as it occurred although my body was not able to move.  Again, I was literally on the brink of death and they dove in and brought me back.  For this, I will always be grateful!

During that time, just before the surgery while still at home in a coma at home in my crib, I was asked by one of my guides if I wanted 'to leave'. He was an ancient male and felt both Native American and Aboriginal at the same time.  I said, "No.  I came here to help and that's what I'm going to do!"  Imagine a little child with their hands on their hips making a declarative statement of totality, and you'll have the idea of my energy at this time. I heard a soft wind and just then, my aunt Florence knocked at the door and knew exactly who to take a three month old baby to for surgery during the heat of a summer day.  That saved my life but it was I who chose first, to Live. 

As a young child i often had visions and saw different Master beings, and as is the case for many, I thought everybody saw as I did. I found that not to be the case, and had to learn to filter everything to not appear like a freak or a loon to those who couldn't see.

  • At a very young age, the owner of our home Mr. Payne, died.  He was very much like a guardian and grandfather to me.  He’d dropped in front of our porch steps and as my hands were on his chest, I called his name.  I asked him if he was alright and kept my hands upon his chest.  As I was there, I felt and saw his whole body shift. The ripple reverberated all through me.

I saw the angelic beings of the purest Light, which looked very much like the light beings  from the movie ‘Cocoon’ when they took off their human form, come and gather all around him.  I was right in the middle of them all.  (The movie "Cocoon" came out when i was an adult and i was thrilled to know that someone else had seen these angelics!)

They did what I’ve come to know as a shamanic death ceremony.  They gathered round and literally lifted his ‘angel part’, his spirit out of his physical body and held it there for a few minutes in total love.  It was all so gentle and Divine.  He was at such peace, so happy and peaceful, being bathed in such total bliss-filled love.  It was amazing.

The next thing that happened is what changed my
Life forever….

As these angelics began to move and lift his spirit up, they brought his angelic spirit body THROUGH ME!!!

As they did this, the Light, the music, the colors, the vibrations, the textures,  literally went all through me and bathed me in this amazing frequency.  I KNEW, FELT AND EXPERIENCED the TOTAL LOVE and MAGICAL PRESENCE of what we call the HEAVEN STATE….there is NOTHING like it, nothing.

As they continued to carry him, I watched them take his ‘angel part’ upwards and go between the porch rail and porch roof, and onward with such an ease and beauty.  Such grace!

Its what we all long for.  This state of being.  This is somewhere coded in our memory, in the music of our DNA, our cells, our spirit and its what we all journey to be one with again…joining this present day earth with that space, that place, that way of Being again, With each other.

My Life was never the same again.

Its the journey home that we all seek.  And as the saying goes, ‘there’s more than one way home.’

It wasn’t until well into my adulthood that my oldest sister and I talked about that day.  She is 11 years older than me and remembered how happy I was that he ‘died’.  Mr. Payne and I were very close, and she didn’t understand it until I explained that day to her.
He came back often to help me as i grew up, and felt very much like a protective guardian for me until I moved from there at 19.

The music of that experience as a small child…the Actual Experiential memory of that kind of Love, the totality of it and feeling of being in a Universe of Divine Love while being immersed in that frequency has carried through so many traumas and challenges in my Life, and now carries the foundation of the healing and teaching work that I do.

Many other ‘spiritual’ experiences filled my young life as well.  Here are just a couple:

Visions:  Jesus and the Legions of Angels:
As a child, while praying with my mother one night I had a vision of Jesus at the head of my bed, and the legions of angels, wings and all, in the wall in front of me when I was a small girl.  They were all exquisitely beautiful and went in infinitely!  From what I understood at that time, they were “leaving”…not understanding what I perceived as their sudden choice to ‘leave me’, I grew afraid and confused.

As they began to fade, my inner communication with them screamed frantically, “Wait!!  What am I supposed to do here??”  Jesus said “Brighten people’s Lives…” 
When I mentally screamed back “How..???”  they faded away.  I was devastated and felt totally abandoned and unsafe.  I was about 5.

What I’ve since realized was that they honored my choice of shutting down my vision at that level of being able to see them, because my abilities frightened my mother because I "just knew" so many things, and I didn’t know anyone else that could do it.  “Seeing” and Knowing felt unsafe, so I tried to stop it. 

They honored that and thankfully, have since honored my desire and profound work towards ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ at that level again.  It took a while to come back to the level of 'seeing' that I had as a child, many nights of tears and prayers, wanting to 'see' again the way i used to be able to. 

My gifts did not fully shut down and most of my childhood had a great deal of shamanic training guided by the Master level beings who helped me.  “Warrior training” is what I’ve referred to it as.

The other Masters and councils that I’d see, in waking and dreamtime, as well as the elementals while outside, was all very magical in the midst of a deep inner longing. 

The neighborhood I grew up in was just north of New York City and I called it the mini-United Nations because we had people from all over the world who literally just ‘landed’ in America.  So the cultural exposure was phenomenal.

Shamanic Initiations Begin:

At 19, I had a profound shamanic initiation that blew open my vision even more profoundly, as well as many memories of seeing in so many lifetimes.  It began my 10 year journey of reading everything I could get my hands on about any of this, and experiencing so many profound activations and initiations.  There were no college courses on whatever the “IT” was that I was looking for, so I asked Spirit to show me,
and Spirit did.  After those years of consuming books and anything that had information about what I was looking for, I ended up in Nashville, TN. 

I did massages in Nashville, TN for session players and entertainers when they were in town for a while, until I fractured my neck and injured other vertebrae and nerves.

That began another phase of my journey and led me to a shamanic practitioner who I ended up studying with and training with, for 13 years.   The work with her predominantly entailed learning about the  most subtle aspects of the psyche as well as many ancient traditions, ceremonies, and initiations.

For those of you who are not familiar with shamanic work, it involves consciously being able to go to other levels of reality to be of assistance for one's self or others.  This is not how many religions depict it, but regardlesss of their level of awareness (or ignorance) about it, it is an ancient way of healing and bringing balance to tribes, individuals, nations and specific situations.  A great deal of the training initially is to heal and balance one's self so that only divine Love comes forward.  The wounded ego, mind and heart is balanced, the difference between discernment and judgment, and connection and attachment and soooo much more is experienced and integrated.  

In present day psychology, the inner theories and techniques work on the unseen levels as well. Not as deeply at all, but it is accepted as normal.  Shamanic work goes deeper, and the maps are very different and truly more encompassing than the present day teachings of psychology.

This work Must be done with impeccable integrity and the deepest wisdom.

After 13 years of studies with her, I was ready to set out on my own.
Literally as I drove from her house that heart and vision opened up like never before, and then only continued to expand and anchor in new abilities as time and my dedication grew.

It took many levels of integrating, many Life and physical changes and many paradigm shifts to be ok with it all, to understand it and to welcome it as part of my path without running from it because it was all so different than anything anyone I knew, knew about or could do.   What I did know through it all was that each time I opened the space to assist someone, profound healings and shifts in their awareness occurred, freeing them from often Lifelong burdens so they could Live and Love more fully.

More Visions:

One night in 2003, I had another profound initiation.  All those years of praying to see Jesus and the other Masters again like I did as a child were finally answered.  He did an anointing and gave me the gift of what it is like to see through his eyes, and open to a new level of healing as he does it...this has continued to occur in integrated levels since then.

That night changed Everything for me once again, and began the next level of this journey.

My vision returned full-on and I had to learn to deal with it.  To trust what was happening and to learn to master it.  It was not easy but I knew it was the way forward for me.

With the help of trusting friends, a Lot of prayer, divine guidance and people who intuitively knew to work with me, I opened fully to my gifts and abilities and many people have been assisted through these experiences.   Through this, with the help and guidance of other Masters, I learned to open the doors to the higher dimensional realities becoming more and more sensitive to the subtlest frequencies of the body on every level, and of the universe.  I've worked with toning and sounds, being guided by Metatron during sessions, tested to literally open doors with tones until I'd mastered them.  Tones spoken and those not spoken...tones for which our bodies have no way yet of producing.

So many Masters and Highest levels of energies with no form have since 'come in' initiated me and those I work with in incredible, awe-filled ways.  The 'downloads',  'upgrades' and physiological changes have been phenomenal as well and have now become 'normal' for me.  Its allowed me to bring massive healing energies here, now in a sacred,
practical, instantly usable way for each of my clients.

There have been instantaneous healings, and Huge life shifts for all those I work with.  Many have begun healing work after initiations received in our sessions, and many have had synchronistic events unfold unexpectedly that have put them on the path of their heart.  Amazing! 

This work is deeper than I can even explain and yet, Lighter and more gentle than you can imagine. 
(Its even fun!!)  The releases are deep, the healings profound and the ongoing journeys are magical.

This work is Life-changing, filled with ongoing initiations by incredible Masters, Hierarchies, Star Systems and Forces of Light, and has taken me on a journey with Spirit that I will continue to grow with gratefully. 

I am now teaching these awarenesses, techniques & procedures in ongoing classes that are announced via this website as well as the private email listing.
Please see "Contact Info" for my email address if you'd like to get on the email list.  It is private and not shared.  I value your privacy.

Please keep posted for more detailed unveiling of my journeys and experiences as well as the specific  changes that are taking place on the planet.

What are the results of this work?

One of the gifts I carry is the ability to see or listen to people and know instantly where their blocks are and most importantly, how to remove them.
This can be done in person or ‘remotely’ which means anywhere on the planet.

This goes to the most subtle level of one’s being, and it’s done with great sacredness and integrity.  It’s a full realignment with one’s connection to their full energy Life stream, to their body wisdom and to the Creator.  It’s like re-engaging one’s Life force, fully open and flowing easily.  They say we only use a small percent of our brain.  We also only use a small percent of our available energy. (Ask a Breatharian!!)

This work opens those ‘pipelines’ of energy and unclogs blockages that affect the most subtle core of our being, opening us up to our full Creativity on every level.

That’s when Life becomes even more of an incredible Adventure!

Over time, our connection to our available energy can get blocked, or thrown off in one way or another. Just like plumbing. There so many subtle levels of harmony in our being that can get dischordant.  This affects everything we do, our relationships, our abilities to think and feel clearly, to manifest fully our deepest dreams, and to feel like we’re living the Life we really want to be Living. 

It also affects our voices, our ability to hear and speak or sing accurately and distinctly without filters.   Once these blocks are removed, it can mean opening up to all that the Universe wants to give you, all that you want to give your self and all that Life has to offer on this amazing magical journey. 

  • This work removes all dischordant frequencies, injured frequencies and imbalances which can emanate from traumas (on all levels) and other experiences in Life.  With this level of work, each individual finds their own unique abilities, balance and harmony once again.  You find your true voice, your passionate Love with Life again and your full-hearted willingness to know ALL of who you are while you embrace this adventure for all it has to offer.  

  • This goes into chemical balances, neurological functions, organ health, brainwave harmony, glandular functions, endocrine and lymph system health, bone and structural integration.

  • Life begins to take on a smoother flow.  Chaos or feelings of being not quite fully present in one’s Life are no longer an issue.

  • What this leads to is a phenomenal increase in one’s Heart opening to Life again, more synchronicities emerge, deeper satisfaction and clarity in relationships, in one’s abilities and gifts that come forward into one’s Life in a very active and balanced way.

My passion is especially to work with those in the music business, the healing or creative arts, AND with children.  Actually, it comes down to anyone who feels moved to do this work and have these experiences!!

It’s such a joy to see the energy move through people smoothly and unencumbered by emotional pasts, insecurities, injuries and dischord of all kinds on all levels.  The music coming through then is pure heart frequency of that individual’s celebration of being.  There is just about nothing more satisfying to see and experience than that.

I feel awed, humbled and honored to be able to affect the Lives of those that choose to do this work with me.  It’s a magical mystical journey, a partnership of sorts to embrace more Laughter, Love and Life.

I’ve studied this work all my Life, taken the road less traveled in a big way, following my own heart’s song, letting Spirit lead me.  Not always easy as many of you know what that’s like, but definitely worth every step of the way.

If you feel that what I do can help you, please feel free to email me.

Thank you for visiting my site and magical journeys to you!!