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Welcome...Come join me on a journey, a quest into the unknown. Into more of who you are, more of who we all are, more of the magic of Life and more of where we are all going.

If you’ve felt a stirring down deep, a yearning or longing for something unnameable, something like a home your mind doesn’t remember but a deeper part of you does, or if you’ve been on a spiritual quest all your life, have mastered many aspects of living here, and still feel there is still more...Welcome...I hope you find more of what you're looking for within these pages. This site is being updated and refined, so please visit often to see what is new! Thank you!


The Quest:

My LIfe-long quest has been to find the connection I feel was lost somewhere along the way...within my spirit and with all of the magic and joy of Life. I felt dis-connected and it was not a good feeling. Most people on this planet I know, can relate to that.

What I've come to find is that the deeper into the very fabric of all Life that I go, and the deeper into the developmental stages that literally form us and weave us together, the more I find that the quantum level pulsings that I see and feel that make up the very essence of the Life force, is Music.

"Its all Music!!"  And its all "Conscious" Music. Responsive to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations...The Dance WITH Creation that we are intrinsically orchestrating WITH Life...With Love itself! The dance of our inner and outer music. Harmonized or dischordant...its still the dance, and consciously or unconsciously, the vibrations we carry and allow in our sphere of reality effect, and even proliferate our current experiences here. Thank goodness there is some time delay!

As we grow and learn, and further refine our relationships with this Core Essence Energy of Life, we will come to see the magic of Love in action and experience the reality of Living "Heaven on Earth".

Moreso than ever before, the depth and Universality of this work among all people and beings in Creation is becoming more clear. We are evolving upwards in frequency, in abilities and in that, we are 'going Home'. Home to Love. Home to the core frequencies we are all made from.

Our music, our songs, our dreams, visions, thoughts and desires...they are all vibrating through us and Creation. And at the very core essence of it all is a symphony of sounds, pulsings and streamings, that create realities as we know them today.

This core essence is where I go when doing healing work and its in this arena that the most subtle and profound changes take place. 

The exciting challenge now is to bring all the lifetimes and decades of teachings, revelations and wisdoms forward in easy to understand ways that make sense to anyone who has had the experience of Music in their Lives...which includes just about everyone!

Using Music as a means of Evolution = LightSpeedEvolution.

Once we learn a new song or dance rhythm we incorporate it into our being naturally. The music of our core soul essence is unique to each Life form, humans included! So what you go "Home" to in my Deep-Soul Alchemy healing sessions, is more of YOU!!  

Healing is balancing and once the deeper obstructions, influences and other traumas, beliefs of the past are no longer vibrating in your energy, they're gone!  And with that, your core essence emerges.  Its simple in concept and takes a lot of work to do it. This is where my natural born gifts come forward.  I use multiple approaches after 5 decades of training and continual learning to bring literally, the energy of the Universe to you, to help in Every way possible.

So....What is Quantum Alchemy?

Alchemy as many of you know is taking something that has a dense energy and making it either less dense or fully transforming it into its highest form. The familiar lead into gold, the sorcerer’s stone that held the key. (Stones are memory keepers vibrationally).

In many native cultures, if you want to remember a teaching, you would pick up a stone. Later, when holding that stone, the memory of the teaching will come back as you tangibly feel that stone. The body’s memory also assists. Now they call that Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). In native cultures though, it was not just because its physical object. It’s the nature of the stone vibrationally, to hold the memory of something. By the same token, many aspects of our selves contain latent gifts and deeper, conscious levels of Love that have yet to emerge.

What I do is go into the most subtle aspects/codes/structures that build frequencies...that Core Essence where it is all birthed from.

They say first there was the word...well the word is a vibration and in each vibration and groupings of vibrations, realities get created. Its that simple. Not always easy to untangle the lower density thoughts, memories, beliefs and wounded ego issues but the basic aspect is very simple.

My gifts lay in the ability to see & perceive these aspects streaming through people, events, situations and un-weave, re-balance and/or dissipate the dischordant vibrations so that wholeness is felt. Oneness is experienced as a reality, and an ease and wholeness of being in one's body and Life is often experienced as a result. An increase in energy, health, awareness and so much more happen too!

Our emotions, memories, beliefs, perspectives etc. have structures or streamings in place that create chemistries within our body, nerve rhythms, fluid flows, and a deep 'Life Songs". So do our dreams and the gifts of our true nature. These streamings, if broken down to their actual make-up, are actually crystalized codes, the building blocks that I mentioned before. The Periodic Table of Elements shows shapes of each elemental structure. Imagine the shapes of the entire human system (and the planet) as such intricate patterns in holographic form...and then go further into the pulsings that Create those forms!

THIS to me, is the music, and THIS is the level that I go to, to create deep balance in your system. Not just the mental aspect as in many of the present therapies or the emotional releases, but going into the actual make-up and intricate weavings of all that makes up the person's experience. The emotional, physical, mental and energetic processes and deep unconscious dischordant pulsings. Whatever is dischordant, truly dischordant is balanced. I Listen to the music of your body and your heart and spirit and "hold space" or stay open to your Highest Optimum aspects rising.

This work is clear, gentle, thorough and Amazing. Sometimes it takes a few sessions, sometimes just one to create the shifts that will help you on your journey.

**Its important to note here that all of us have our unique journeys and it is up to us to guide and direct our Lives as we choose. This work can never interfere with one's choices or will, or any aspect of one's journey. It can only enhance, clarify, amplify, deepen and add more of one's True Light to this everyday Life on Earth. 

Like a piano tuner - they enhance and bring out the subtleties of sound that the instrument is able to create. They cannot change the nature of the instrument. And the more skilled the tuner is, to balance the most subtle sounds of the piano, the better the sound and experience it creates.

Much of this work is uncovering one's true nature so that they can manifest "Heaven on Earth", or dance awake and Live, their most Optimal "True Life Song". Much like clearing an old messy house or a backed up pipeline in the midst of a nirvana. Once its cleared and cleaned, you breathe easier, colors are brighter, sounds are clearer and relationships become more joy-filled and easily authentic. You feel more of YOU is engaging with Life.

So, this work that I do and the space I create, literally assists in changing the energy back to its true or Highest nature, so that all dischord, all traumas, memories etc get transmuted. Again, once this happens, balanced is restored. Balance and harmony on all levels of one's being. Each person and situation is unique and it can happen all at once or in increments along one's journey. I look forward to the day we have technology in place on a wide scale or when we realize that We already have our inner abilities that can do this instantly.


Science and Spirituality:

Some people are sensitive to the sounds of birds and can distinctly tell you which are which in a forest of birds. I’m sensitive to the functions of the body, mind, emotions and Spirit. To me, they are frequencies flowing through all the different systems of the body. The "body’s music". In all its states, balanced and imbalanced. The way I see it, its just a heightened sensitivity, like a musicians ability to pull songs out of thin air or an artists ability to create incredible art from a blank canvas. I was born with it and have spent my entire Life, since childhood, learning, mastering and deepening my own ability to assist in profound transformations for people, situations and even global events.

My sensitivity is with the frequencies at the core of the systems of a person. I can see and sense alignments, dischord, blockages, draining of energies, other energies latched on or impinging one’s smooth flow, and most of all, I know how to shift it back to balance with total integrity. Integrity to form, integrity to do the work without my own personal ego interfering. These are skills I've studied all my Life.

To me, That is the greatest thrill of all. To see someone balance out on all levels and then go and manifest their most amazing dreams! And That to me, is Quantum Alchemy. Creating New Life, New Dreams Consciously, from a place of Deep Love and Joy and for the gift of Living this Life, Here, Now. Wow..

Its also important to note that this alchemy is more scientific than spiritual.  Again, its all Music. Yet it is from a deeply spiritual basis that it is done. It is not 'religious' but it is with deep gratitude and prayer, Creating a space of Sacredness that this work is done. It honors all wisdom paths upon this planet that have integrity and balance, as octaves of harmony, tones, and applications to create deeper grace and Love. To me, there is more than one way home...back to the Heart of Creation. Back to our Truest Nature, the Highest Love, back to the Heart of the Creator energy that we are all made from.

It is where science and spirituality truly meet. This work is done with the Highest space of Love, the purest intent, and deepest alignment from the Heart of Creation or Love, through our own hearts and the Heart of Gaia, Mother Earth. We are spirits Living in a dense physical reality, so I feel its important to align all aspects of our selves including this planet that supports so much of our learning and growing. "Heaven on Earth Now" is the goal.

Higher octaves of science and music to me means Higher and deeper states of Love within each one of us. These rhythms flow all through us. All through Life. My sensitivity, experience and skill is within some of the most subtle technology of these finer frequencies.

To me, this is the future science...the holographic healing that can be instantaneous. If its all vibrational in nature, going back to before the first pulse or the first heartbeat... The study, work and effort put into How to align dischordant frequencies within one's psyche, dna, beliefs, organs, and systems would be a wise place to explore. Its what i do everyday.

More of what i do:

"Inter-Dimensional" Healings, meaning the multi-dimensional or multiple octaves of your self that you are. Balancing the frequencies that keep the pulsings of traumas and dischordant memories alive...balancing them to their peace. Carrying forward the wisdom of the experience, without the scars...this is the journey and the key to future healing. There is so much more to us than what we are aware of!

The multiple layers and levels of vibrations that create all of our organs, systems of 'flows', memories, beliefs - conscious and unconscious, dreams...all of it are all rhythmically vibrating to a source song. To me, these each exist on many octaves or dimensions...true octaves that have no sound we can record yet. Like the whistle that only a dog can hear or the communications within species based on sound utterings that we have yet to fully understand. Once these octaves can be mapped and balanced, True healing can take place that is gentle, total, non-invasive and natural.

Within this work, Activations and Powerful Initiations occur that bridge our most optimal aspects on every level of our truest nature (Love) actively here, now. Initiations and Activations are like bridges being crossed. Moving up the mountain or up in octave. They create deeper levels of your own awareness that are expansive and more all-encompassing.

I see, hear and work with and within the Highest Vibrational Energies in Creation, as a Physical Bridge that opens and holds the doorways into these higher vibrational dimensions, and create life-changing awakenings for individuals, families, groups and the many levels of species upon this planet.

What does that mean on the practical, everyday level?
Profound Life changes, Blocks removed, Confusion cleared, Health restored, Vitality, Regeneration on all levels….and that’s just the beginning!

A sense of Oneness as a true Experience of Life, Fulfillment of your heart’s dream, truly having the experience of Living WITH all of Creation, as Creation interactively with the Creator.

We are at the Beginning...

Its time to create new worlds once again, new realities, ancient secrets of Life un-covered and utilized once more.
The dream you hold is real. The desires you have for a better world are able to be manifested now, like never before, especially with so many people waking up.

This work removes the obstacles, brings in the juice or amperage of energy that it will take to make your dreams manifest. It bridges you to more of who you are and who you are becoming.

What I share:

I do healing sessions both in person and remotely and can guide you through your journey through private sessions and ongoing classes.

Through increased levels of awareness, you can remember the ancient wisdoms you carry deep within your encoding, activate and your Full DNA, your cells optimum capacity, the music of your soul’s memory that has been dormant, and awaken to the memories and abilities of who you were before this earth experience. All integrated, here now.

Your soul journey is bridged here too, to be integrated in practical and effective ways. Your physical lineage is healed and balanced so you carry forward only the wisdom, WITHOUT the scars of generations of imbalance and woundings.

Your destiny, imprinted by your soul as it travels this time in the body that carries you through, emerges and your dreams unfold synchronistically before you.

Life truly becomes a magical journey again.

Ancient knowings and teachings are remembered and integrated.
Your 5th, 7th & 9th dimensional and much Higher Light Bodies get anchored in, as well as Activations with the Processes & Guides for Ascension.


"Ascension" again is rising up in frequency to Higher states of True Love where there is no time or space...only Love. I do not believe we are suddenly going to "drop our bodies" and float upwards! We are more masterful than that! Living "Heaven on Earth" right here in these bodies we chose, Will create a New Earth!

In the Deep-Soul Alchemy healing session and in the trainings I offer, we journey to Ancient Ascension Chambers and Dimensions, work with the Masters in each one, and anchor in these codes & forces of Light that is the technology of Love, in the here, now, Oneness of Creation.  To me, our "Oneness" will happen when we literally Live from our Core Essence Light energy. That frequency that we all came from is a state or like an Octave of Music. When we all connect there and Live from there, we change the world. 

The work is within to get to the space, that level of our own Divinity.

This Life force is pure Love flowing through us. The more we can clear, the more we can open, the more we can create/anchor in the world we dream of, the feelings of Love and ease that we remember existing somewhere before all this. Changing this present reality is not only possible, its what we are being called to do. I provide many unique maps and navigational wisdoms to help you navigate the terrain, both in everything I offer. The Universal Laws are simple and Joy-filled. We are just now learning to truly tune in and attune our selves to this level of reality.

Ancient Masters, Hierarchies, Councils, Angelics, Star Systems come forth to initiate those ready and share the breadth of their knowledge with those who have ears to hear, hearts to open to it, and the level of Light/Wisdom to allow it to manifest, now. The Ancient Ones long before us knew these levels of energy and worked with them as well. This is not 'new' ...just long forgotten, repressed and taught as something static...something that only happened a long time ago...we Live in an inter-active Universe. What we do Does effect others. And there is so much assistance that we can learn to utilize in its highest form of pure Love. It is an ongoing learning process that we are in, learning to be connected and stay connected to the Heart of Creation or God.

Each culture calls this energy and levels of energies by different names, but they are Master levels of energy...Higher Octaves, pure tones of Love and Harmony in Balance in the octaves of reality that we are finally embracing.

We are Creating new worlds, new realities, and opening the deep secrets of Life so that we can Create and Live Consciously in Love.

All seemingly "woo-woo" stuff is brought into practical terms and uses.

Life Truly is a magical journey and once again, we remember this and Live it.

Good journey my friends-